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Returns will only be accepted with a valid RA number. Complete the form below to immediately receive an RA number. If you are logged in, a copy of your RA number will be emailed to you straight away.

tip Please complete a separate form for each item returned (unless they are multiples of the same item from the same original invoice with the same problem - e.g. you ordered 3 identical toners on the one invoice and they are the wrong toner)

tip Tip: Login First. This form works whether you are logged in or not, but if you login to our site, your name, email and company details will be completed automatically and this RA will be emailed to you and linked to your account. Click here to login and continue...

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Your Company Name: *

Item to be returned: (Please be specific - e.g. HP 6040 OEM Fuser Unit) *

Seldrum Original Invoice Number: (The Seldrum invoice number from the original purchase)

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Details of Fault / Reason for Return:

Agreement with Terms
I agree to Seldrum's Terms and Conditions regarding return of goods:
No returns will be accepted without prior approval from Seldrum.
Each return must be allocated a Return Authorization Number prior to return and must be returned to Seldrum within 7 days from date of RA.
Returned goods must be in good condition and a 20% re-stocking fee may apply.
All returns need to be organised by the receiver at their cost. Seldrum will not accept any freight charges on goods returned.
Freight charge to customer will be credited if the goods are proved by Seldrum and its technical advisers to be either faulty or sent in error with an emailed purchase order on file.
No returns will be accepted for Non Stock Items ordered in specially, unless Seldrum`s supplier agrees to accept the goods back also. Any charges must be met by the buyer returning the goods.
Faulty items will only be credited after Seldrum and/or OEM supplier has confirmed fault.
No returns will be accepted for negligent workmanship or handling.
No returns will be accepted for goods invoiced for more than 30 days.
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